General Questions

Dogs on the beach

Click here for the relevant times for walking dogs on Orewa Beach

Horses on the beach

You can ride horses at Algies Beach, Hatfields Beach, Martins Bay Beach, Omaha Beach, Orewa Beach and Snells Beach if you meet the following conditions:
If riding between 1 December and 15 February (including weekends) horses are only allowed on the beach before 10am and after 7pm.
Horses are prohibited at Easter weekend (Friday to Monday inclusive) and Labour weekend (Saturday to Monday inclusive).
For more information click here

Summer BBQ season

Bring your own BBQ onto the Orewa Reserve ( beside the Orewa Surf Club) or there are two electric bbqs available. One opposite the BP and one opposite Farida’s.  They are free to use however can’t be booked and is a ‘use & move’ aside system.

Essential Services

Emergency & Safety Services

Ambulance, Fire &
Police Emergency only
Phone 111
St John Ambulance 0800 4 Ambulance
Or 0800 426 825
Deaf Emergency Text 0800 16 16 16
Fire Service Manly 09 426 6146
Fire Service Silverdale 09 426 5032
Police – Orewa 09 426 4555
Police – Whangaparaoa 09 424 0413
Community Constable Orewa 09 426 1118
Community Constable Whangaparaoa 09 424 6504
Neighbourhood Support 09 426 0893
Animal Emergencies Animal Disease 0800 80 99 66
To report animal welfare complaints 0800 327 027
SPCA Auckland (24 hr ambulanace service) 09 256 7300
Electric Power Lines – Vector 0508 832 867
National Poison Centre – 24 hour advice 0800 764 766

Justice of the Peace (JP)

Please contact Citizen’s Advice Bureau (09 426 5338) for current list in the area.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau can assist with all your local needs.

For friendly, confidential, information and advice about anything and everything call Citizens Advice Bureau. It’s run by professional voluntary staff who have access to up-to-date information.
Free IRD advice, Budgeting service and Careers service. We also have Life Line Councellors working from our rooms. Multilingual Information Service now available at scheduled times throughout the week.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00 am to 3.30 pm
Hibiscus Coast Citizens Advice Bureau, Orewa Square, Orewa.

Phone: 426 5338, Freephone: 0800 367 222
Email: hibiscuscoast@cab.org.nz Web: www.cab.org.nz

Civil Emergencies

A guide on what to do – click here

Heart Attack

Click here to find where the Automatic Electonic Difribrillators are in Orewa.
When someone has a heart attack (sudden cardiac arrest or SCA), use of an AED can increase their survival chances by up to 40%.
Without an AED, chance of survival is only 5 to 8%, even with CPR.
An AED delivers a short, powerful electric shock to the heart, helping the heart to regain its natural rhythm.


Auckland Transport

Auckland Council