Orewa Beach Business Association Listing Registration
You are a member of the association if you own, occupy or are a tenant of a commercially rated property within the Orewa business precinct. If you don’t come under this umbrella you can apply to become an Associate Member. All information with a star is requested. If you can’t fill in that box please type into that box n/a
All information is kept strictly confidential by Destination Orewa Beach, no information is passed onto anyone other than the Orewa Police for emergency use only in case of callouts afterhours
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Are you in the main Orewa Town Centre? If so, you are automatically a full business member. If not, you can apply to become an Association Member and pay an annual subscription of $200 + GST. If you are unsure, please contact us.
This includes:
1. Four digital photographs
2. Logo or another photo
3. Up to 250 words of text
4. A google map showing location of business
5. Contact details
6. Enquiry form (extra $10)
7. Standard listing to appear under two sub-categories All information to be provided by business
Mini Website
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I am interested in being contacted regarding a mini web-site for $40 + GST as a one-off payment (excluding future changes to mini webpage)
Further options are available, i.e. banners and adverts on sides of pages – please contact admin@orewabeach.co.nz or 09 426 2638 for this information.
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