What is Destination Orewa Beach (DOB)

Destination Orewa Beach (Orewa Beach Business Association) was incorporated and joined the Local Council's Business Improvement District structure in 1997.

Business Name:

Mainstreet Orewa Inc. T/A Destination Orewa Beach


Who is a member?
You are a member of the association if you own, occupy or are a tenant of a commercially rated property within the separate rating area – refer to Local Council website listed under 'Rates'. e.g. (Orewa Business Improvement District Rate: This rate is obtained from a rate-in-the-dollar charge based on land value on commercial properties within a defined area to fund Business Improvement District projects in Orewa in consultation with Destination Orewa.)

Destination Orewa Beach is funded through the Local Council, by an incremental Business Improvement District Rate on the commercial properties within our boundaries.

Included in your rates to Local Council is an "Orewa Business Improvement District Rate". The Separate Rate is collected by Local Council and passed to Destination Orewa Beach via quarterly grants. This is a fair and equitable method of providing funds for Destination Orewa Beach to represent all Orewa Beach businesses.

What is a BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (bid) programme?
Business Improvement District programmes, which operate throughout New Zealand, are based on a partnership between local government, the business community and the community at large. They are based on incremental success and community involvement.

These programmes are not "quick fix" solutions. Basic objectives of the programme, under Business Improvement District guidelines, are an enhanced physical environment, heritage conservation, business creation and development and increased employment and local business investment. In addition to strengthening the immediate area's existing economic base, we explore ways to expand it to meet new opportunities – and challenges from outlying development that may also involve community and cultural development. The programme is intended to identify and reinforce the unique identity of a place and to promote that identity as part of its development to benefit us all.

An executive committee comprised of elected business people and a representative from the Local Board of Auckland Council, ensures Orewa's Business Improvement District programme operates efficiently and works towards meeting its objectives.

Associate Membership
A person who does not qualify to be a full member may become an Associate Member of the association by applying to the Operations manager to do so. The Operations manager shall advise the Business Improvement District executive committee of the application and the Orewa Business Improvement District executive committee shall determine whether or not the applicant shall be admitted. The associate member shall pay an annual special
subscription of $200 + GST.

Membership Benefits
The association is the voice of Orewa Beach and is a great advocate for those wanting some strong representation. Being a member or an associate member gives organisations a greater foot into the community. For instance, members and associate members know what's going on around Orewa through our StreetTalk publication and are encouraged to attend our monthly board meetings.

There are a number of automatic benefits that both members and associate members receive. The Destination Orewa Beach website www.orewabeach.co.nz has 9,000 to 15,000 hits per month (national & international). The success of our website is due to the fact that it is regularly updated and kept informative.

Members get a free line listing on the website plus we offer the opportunity for individual web pages at a subsidised cost. Reciprocal website links are also another opportunity for members who have their own website.

Orewa Beach Visitors Guide – 40,000 brochures printed annually. All members receive a free line listing in the Orewa Beach Directory. The brochure is distributed by residential mail drop and post office box to Hibiscus Coast, Silverdale, Orewa, Warkworth and Matakana; it is also distributed to key Visitor Information Centres, Auckland Local Government Branches and all Orewa Beach Businesses, schools and community groups throughout the year.

We have an annual contract with 'Visitor Point' distribution to gain maximum business exposure to the tourism market. Orewa Beach brochures are displayed in 147 key accommodation, transport rental and entertainment centres focusing on Auckland city and the North Shore areas.

Destination Orewa Beach aims to be able to provide Orewa businesses with information on what's happening in our area. At various times of the year having access to research such as the monthly Retail Trade Survey, Pedestrian Counts and information on Retailers Spend.

The aim of the Association is to offer our assistance or advice in any way we can so that your business may prosper



The Hibiscus and Bays local board area extends from Waiwera in the north to Campbells Bay in the south. It includes the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and the townships of Orewa, Whangaparaoa, Silverdale, Browns Bay and Mairangi Bay.

The local board area is surrounded by a "green belt" of rural land.

The area is mainly residential with a high proportion of retired people. The Waiwera Hot Pools, which attracts over 500,000 visitors a year, the many beautiful and safe beaches and the Shakespear and Long Bay regional parks are popular attractions for residents and tourists. Gulf Harbour, on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, is host to the second largest marina in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as a renowned international golf course.


  Local Board Region

Population (2008 estimate)

88,800   1,438,300
Population growth (2001-2006)   13%  12%
Dwellings (2006)  30,000  438,530
Median household income ($, 2006)  $55,730 $63,390
Employee count (2009)    15,700 621,550
Employment growth since 2000  26% 20%

Europeans make up the majority of residents (80%) in the Hibiscus and Bays local board area. 8% of residents belong to the Asian ethnic group and 5% are Maori.

Residents in the Hibiscus and Bays area are significantly older than the regional average, and median household incomes are lower than the regions.

The retail trade and construction sectors are the largest employers in the board area (16% and 15% respectively).

The Hibiscus and Bays local board merges parts of two previous separate councils. A common concern throughout this area has been, and continues to be, the requirement to balance rapid urban growth with preserving the environment. Common community concerns include the importance of maintaining lifestyles and environmental care, ensuring safe and healthy communities, and developing jobs with transport services that help businesses to operate effectively.

The Hibiscus and Bays area has experienced considerable development, due in part to the northern motorway extension to Orewa making commuting from this area more appealing. Residential and commercial development is expected to continue.

The Whangaparaoa Peninsula and Silverdale area cannot accommodate this development without diverting peak traffic. The construction of Penlink has been strongly supported by the existing population of the Hibiscus Coast. Penlink would see most of the Whangaparaoa commuter traffic diverted across the Weiti estuary to State Highway 1 and provide opportunity for future growth.


  • Orewa beach access coastal protection nourishment - including improvement of the central Orewa waterfront and reconnecting the town centre to the beach.
  • Silverdale north development zone - implementation of the first stage.
  • Browns Bay Centre Plan delivery – incorporating Anzac Street– Bute Road upgrade; second Phoenix Plaza;
  • Inverness Road – Glen Road upgrade.
  • Long Bay, Orewa West, Orewa East – progressing the structure plans for these areas, which identifies the nature and location of development.
  • Hibiscus Coast wastewater network upgrade.
  • Penlink - continued development of the business case and funding for the second access route from the Northern motorway to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.



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